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Optional Swimming Pool Products
In addition to the standard pool cleaning equipment and automatic pool cleaner supplied with all our pools, we also supply and install a large number of additional pool products to enhance your swimming pool pleasure. 


1. Subject to the conditions set out below Poly Phoenix Fibreglass Products warrants to the original purchaser of the pool supplied by them for a period of 10 years from the date of installation:

  • a. This warranty only applies where after due inspection by Poly Phoenix Fibreglass products authorized inspector, the Company are of the opinion that the pool has been installed in accordance with their approved installation instructions.
  • b. No Claim under this warranty will be recognized unless:
i. Full Payment has been made in correct agreement at the time of installation.
ii. This warranty must be submitted with any claim at the time the claim is made.
iii. The claim must be made in writing to Poly Phoenix Fibreglass Products at their
offices, and within a period of 5 years from the date of installation.

2. The liability of this warranty is limited to fractures caused by delamination in the pool structure caused by sub-standard materials and or faulty workmanship.

3. This Guarantee shall not apply to related or ancillary parts such as piping, fittings, electrical equipment and or accessories, which may or may not carry the warranties of the manufacturer.

4. This warranty does not extend to defects caused by faulty incorrect installation or acts of God (flood, fire included).

5. Poly Phoenix Fibreglass Product reserves the right to vary the terms of the warranty or to refuse the warranty where the pool has been installed by other than an approved agent


6. Poly Phoenix Fibreglass Products retain the right to repair or replace the pool at their discretion. In the event of replacement Phoenix Fibreglass Products will not be liable for the replacement installation costs and may at their discretion, discount the replacement pool cost pro rata at the rate of 10 % per annum of the unexpired period of the warranty.

7. Should it be necessary for an inspector/servicemen to be sent to effect any inspection/repairs etc. on site, the cost of his time and travelling expenses must be borne by the purchaser.

8. In the event of any dispute that may arise from this agreement, the Parties agree that the NSPI of South Africa will appoint an independent arbitrator whose decision will be final and binding.

It is a condition of this guarantee that Poly Phoenix Fibreglass Products does not accept any liability for any loss or damage of any kind whatsoever, whether direct or consequential, arising out of any defects in, or failure of its product.