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Optional Swimming Pool Products
In addition to the standard pool cleaning equipment and automatic pool cleaner supplied with all our pools, we also supply and install a large number of additional pool products to enhance your swimming pool pleasure. 


Fiberglass Swimming Pools


The Townhouse Range of Pre-moulded fibreglass pools is manufactured by Poly Phoenix Fibreglass Products, the originators of pre-moulded fibreglass pools in South Africa. The company manufactured the first pool in 1969, making it the oldest and most respected pre-moulded fibreglass pool company in South Africa. Poly Phoenix Fibreglass Products is the sole proprietor of the registered Townhouse Pools Trade Mark and Logo with the South African Trade Mark Office in Johannesburg and is also a registered manufacturing member of the National Pool and Spa Institute of South Africa commonly known as the N.S.P.I.

With the advent of the smaller properties came the need for a smaller pool which the Phoenix Pool Range did not accommodate. The result is the Townhouse Pools range. A range of small to medium size compact pools, spa pools and swim spa's, specifically designed for the Townhouse, cluster and smaller property market making them Perfect for today's lifestyle. All Licensed Townhouse Pools Dealers receive comprehensive training in all aspects of the Swimming Pool Market.

Regular site inspections are carried out by Poly Phoenix Fibreglass to ensure the high standards of Quality and Service is carried through to you the customer ensuring your complete customer satisfaction.


Townhouse Pools aims to become a trusted and respected household name throughout South Africa by supplying a high quality, good value for money product in both the manufacture and installation of its products.