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Optional Swimming Pool Products
In addition to the standard pool cleaning equipment and automatic pool cleaner supplied with all our pools, we also supply and install a large number of additional pool products to enhance your swimming pool pleasure. 

Pre-moulded fibreglass Koi ponds.

All Koi ponds are uniquely designed to be self cleaning and minimum maintenance.

Koi Pond Large

Size 4m by 2.5m x 1.4m
Volume: 9000 litres

Koi Pond Medium

Size 3.2m by 2.1m x1m
Volume: 4000 litres

Koi Pond Small

Size 2.9m by 1.9m x 0.9m
Volume: 3000 litres

1. Pond Shell: All supplied with: 1 weir fitted and bottom drain & 110mm pipe moulded into the pond Separate Settlement tank with lid & 110mm stand pipe fitting

2. DIY: All the above plus 0.4kw pump and motor, 1 bag koi sand filter, 5 x brushes for settlement tank, bio-filter, D.B. Box, plumbing kit.

3. Fully Installed: All the above, excavation (normal soft diggable soil). Delivery and installation of pond. Installation of filtration plant, electrical connection, concrete collar arround top perimeter.

Garden Ponds Available: Freeform Garden Pond, Round Garden Pond, Halfround Garden Pool