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Optional Swimming Pool Products
In addition to the standard pool cleaning equipment and automatic pool cleaner supplied with all our pools, we also supply and install a large number of additional pool products to enhance your swimming pool pleasure. 

Advantages of a Townhouse Pool

One piece pre-moulded fibreglass.
No joins, no leaks, guaranteed. Each Townhouse pre-moulded fibreglass pool is factory made to the highest standards using the best quality materials and latest technology. The company has 39 years of proven quality and reliability and the pools carry a 5 year guarantee.

Unique design.
Our unique registered design makes Townhouse Pools superior in strength as opposed to the normal square/straight sided design of other pool manufactures.

Super strong, flexible and tough.
Ideal for all ground conditions, capable of withstanding the most severe ground distortion caused by clay and unstable soil conditions. Townhouse pools are installed to engineer's specification, using a steel reinforced concrete ring beam and backfilled using a stabilized river sand and cement mixture. The high tensile strength of fibreglass allows the pool shell to flex without cracking in unstable ground conditions. (Concrete would crack in similar conditions). These pools are 17 times stronger than concrete.

Save on chemicals.
Townhouse pools have a smooth non-porous surface and are chemically inert resulting in enormous cost savings and greater swimming comfort.

Easy to clean.
Just an occasional wipe where needed.

Healthy and hygienic.
No porous plaster surfaces where bacteria and infectious germs could multiply.

Quick easy installation.
Your Townhouse pool will take approximately 6 - 10 working days to install.

Modern Trend.
Pre-moulded fibreglass pools are taking over domestic pool markets worldwide.

No maintenance.
Smooth non-porous surface so algae problems do not exist in a Townhouse pool. Under normal conditions, the 'NPG Gel-coat' finish never needs recoating and easily resists permanent stains.

Chemical/water resistant.
Our unique ISO/NGP Gel-coat and vinyl ester barrier coat system gives our pools superior chemical and water resistance.