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Optional Swimming Pool Products
In addition to the standard pool cleaning equipment and automatic pool cleaner supplied with all our pools, we also supply and install a large number of additional pool products to enhance your swimming pool pleasure. 

Our Swimming Pool Warranty


Townhouse Pools provide a limited 25 year warranty on the Shell supplied by us for the use of Pool and SPA against structural defects.

1. Provided it is not caused by client negligenc
2.Pool was not emptied by customer without Townhouse Pools assistance.
3.or delamination in the pool structure caused by sub-standard materials used by installer and or faulty workmanship by installer.
4.Provided that such defects do not arise from acts, or omissions of the owner and/or his employees
5.and the Shell in not being used in a manner for which it was not designed.
6.The damage is not the result of weather extremes, including, but not limited to earth quakes) I.E. Acts of God), and
7.a copy of the original purchase invoice or Receipt is produced to validate Warranty Claim.
8.The claim must be made in writing to Townhouse Pools head quarters.
The warranty mentioned herein only becomes operative provided the contract price and any other additional cost incurred have been paid in full and on the due date.
Failure to maintain the system to its original installation condition will invalidate his or any other implied warranty.
Townhouse Pools liability is limited to repair of the shell only and does not apply to related or ancillary parts such as piping, fittings, electrical equipment, jets, weir, light, air controls or other accessories which are chargeable items.  Under no circumstances shall Townhouse Pools be Liable for any consequential losses.
This warranty is limited to the original purchaser and to the original installation and is not transferable without the express written consent of Townhouse Pools.